Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Intro to ME!

Welcome to my blog … Surrounded By Pink! My blog will mostly be about our girls and my crafts … hence the name … surrounded by pink!!
A little background about our family. My husband and I met in college, dated for a few months, he proposed and only 6 months after the day we met … we got married. I love him with my whole heart … and together we have 3 beautiful girls. As much as we wanted boys … God knew what my heart desired and I now have 2 crafters following after their Moms example with too many crafts projects collected that we will never finish them all.
My husband works full time, is finishing his bachelors, plays soccer, loves watching all kinds of sports and in his spare time (when I am not taking him shopping or making him fix something around the house) he plays video games.
Kaelyn is 9 and in 4th grade. I am still shocked that I have three kids, let alone one that is NINE! She is awesome though. She is just like me and I am sure she will never admit that. She is getting to the point that her mom embarrasses her (WHAT??!?! I like dancing and singing in the car!) but she still gives me a kiss and a hug before she hops on the bus, even though I have to drag the ‘I love you’s’ out sometimes.
Jordyn is 5. She is JUST like her Daddy! She is always up to something and thinking of new ways to give someone either a laugh or a hard time. She lives by her own schedule and she likes things how she likes them – its her way or the highway. She can go from happy to angry to happy all within 5 seconds.
Kynslee is only 4 months old but has slipped into our family perfectly. She is the happiest baby and always ready to smile. When she is tired, she doesn’t cry. She just sings in this high pitched voice and tries to smile between the frowns. She likes to sleep in (which is good for EVERYONE in this house).  She also loves food … my goodness she is a WILFONG!
I am hoping to find a place to post new pictures of things we are doing around the house and even dig up some old things I have completed to store all my work in one place. Hope you enjoy!

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