Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Project Down, another project started!

So, I saw these really cool cardboard letter collages on ... my new favorite website. And, I pinned it on my "crafts to do" board on there. And, as a promise to myself, I have found that if I am going to pin it ... I should at least ATTEMPT to make or create whatever I am pinning. So, I have already reorganized my pantry and showed Jordyn to sew her own little people. Then, early this morning, (2:30 am early) .. I finished another inspired craft. The cardboard letter collages.

One thing about having three kids, if you try something really cool and succeed ... you get to do it TWO more times. Or, if you fail and give up you let down three kids. In my case, I had one totally awesome K that I completed for Kynslee our youngest ... seriously, if I hadn't been using mod podge, there would've been some blood, sweat, and tears. This K was incredible, I loved it. But, I was not a fan of the process. It was hard to go around corners, hard to pick out which pictures to use, but fun to lay them around until they seemed to "fall" into the right place. But, I was not happy about having 2 more letters to go. But, I couldn't end with just one and let 2 girls down ... so on to the J for Jordyn.

Hers was a bit trickier because the letter J does not have arms or legs sticking out of it like the letter K does. So, that is less area to cover. Which, at first, I was THRILLED with ... less work for me. But, that also meant less pictures. So, even though I had 50 some pictures cut and ready to podge ... I reprinted all of the pictures I had chosen for Jordyn's letter ... only smaller. After cutting them out, I got to work. I was getting the hang of going around corners and finding the best way to lay the pictures and then I was done. Another great letter completed.

Still one left to go. The final K. By the third one, you think I would've perfected the task, when in fact, I hadn't. She is 9 years old now, so I had gone through 9 years of photos and cut it down to the bare minimum of my favorites. I still had to many. First go around, I ended up cutting and shaping just to sqeeze them all on the letter. After looking at the completed project, it looked like a 5 year old art project instead of something I would truly want to hang in my home. (side note: I love 5 year old artwork and will gladly display it in my home ... when in fact, it was completed by a 5 year old, NOT acceptable when it is MY WORK.) Anyway, I pulled the entire layer of pictures off. MY GOODNESS does that stuff dry fast ... like cement! but I got it ... and see for yourselves what I came up with. I am extremely proud of my letters ... but it will be a COLD DAY IN H#$% before I do another one :)

Now, on to my next pinterest project ... Plush letters with a soft fabric basket to carry them in! Until next time.

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  1. They look beautiful! I'm so glad you decided to do them, I bet the girls are absolutely thrilled. Where do you plan to display them?