Monday, November 14, 2011

Diet Day 2!

Ok, so, I am back on the wagon. I know, I know, usually you hear of people falling off the wagon. Unfortunately (for my shoulders, abs, thighs, quads, back and every other major muscle in my body) I ... am back on! Alright, alright, I completely understand that this is good pain. 1200 calories? Sure, sounds easy enough. I am in day two, and lets just say .... I am still upbeat about it. Not gung-ho like I was yesterday ... but upbeat. I will take it. My sister has challenged me to go "balls to the walls" for 2 weeks.
I think I can do it.
Maybe I can do it? 
In all honesty ... I am excited. I ran yesterday with my 9 year old, Kaelyn. She was fun to run with. She is old enough and athletic enough to keep up with me (and by athletic enough, I mean she can move faster than a snail ... and by keep up with me ... I mean, ran circles around me)! Anyway, we ran, sprinted, jogged and walked(very small amounts) and completed an 11 minute mile which I haven't been CLOSE to hitting since about 2000! So, that was awesome. Later that night ... not so awesome. My 29 year old muscles and joints started aching ... but its a good ache ... I can handle it.
Today ... Jillian Michaels kicked my butt in her 30 day shred video. FYI .. I do not like her for tonight, and I am pretty sure I won't like her at 6am.
Anyway, I completely got off track with my diet schpeel ... but, it leads up to todays project. With all of this fitness and weight loss, I can't eat as much. So, I need to keep myself busy. Bored = eating for me. And that is not good. Especially when you stay at home and have no "schedule" or "work" to distract me. No strict deadlines which allows for ample downtime and plenty of munchies just around the corner.
So, I have been introduced to the wonderful world of PINTEREST and have plenty of projects and ideas pinned. What better way to keep myself entertained!
Well, on top of my girls, I have decided to take on one extra child - 4 days a week. Baby Grady (Kynslee's new BFF) will be joining us tomorrow for our first day of my 'adventures in babysitting'. He is a little over 10 weeks old and he too will be "surrounded by pink". I was organizing the diapers and wipes his mom brought last week and decided he needed a "space" for his things. Like, bottles, diapers, wipes, extra outfits ... anything else fun that a baby comes with. But, looking through our baskets and containers ... a lot of them are PINK! Or, princess. I know that he is only a few months old ... but, poor little man deserves a little "mini man-cave area". So, down to my faithful "stash" of fabrics and I found some BLUES and REDS (i said it was faithful!). I followed an awesome and easy tutorial from and this is what I came up with! I started with this boring milk crate ...

to this fun-fabulous-very boy-like bin:

I should have taken pictures along the way. Whoops. I do have fabric cut to make Kynslee one in the morning ... and I will take pics along the way of hers. But for now, I should probably go to sleep. I need to be up at 6 so I can squeeze in a workout before Mr. Grady gets here ... not really sure I will be up for working out between watching the two little ones :) 

Update: -----> I have, since this post, finished a second cover. Love them! 


  1. Love it, I'm definitely making some! Was it pretty easy to do?

    As for the weight loss, YOU CAN DO IT!!! And it will all be so worth it once you reach your goal! Btw, I totally recommend, you can track all your calories and exercise, and they even have an app for your phone that lets you scan barcodes to get exact details! I always use it to track my weight loss. :)

  2. AJ - Thanks! And those covers took no time at all! If you grab some fabric, I would love to help you make them! I am going to make another one soon. I found a guy that is selling a garage full of the crates for 1.50 each. I contacted him about buying some, but I haven't heard back.
    Also - I am TOTALLY using! The author of "my so-called life as a proverbs 31 wife" recommended it on her blog! I downloaded it back in Oct and told my sister about it who has been using it since then! I finally logged in and started using it Sunday! Crazy to see how many useless calories I was eating before!

  3. I am a self-proclaimed NON-SEWER ... but these crate covers are super cute. I am visiting from the Mom Loop Friday Follow ... and I love all the PINK! My blog is PlayDrMom (

  4. Thank you so much! We are definitely covered in Pink around here! Thanks for stopping by!