Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Diet Day 4 and Adventures in Babysitting Day 2!

Yesterday was my first day with G Baby. He is awesome! Only cries when he is hungry, but MAAAAAAAAAAAN does he have some lungs! We are NOT used to that with Kynslee ... so this is fun! As far as everything else goes, he is great! G Baby smiles quite a bit and has a generally happy demeanor. He has also slipped into Kynslee's schedule so they have been napping and eating around the same time, so - I also change diapers around the same time. If one is dirty, the other gets changed. That has worked so far ... but then again, I am only finishing up day 2!
Today, he and Kynslee fell asleep at the bus stop, so when I got home, took their car seats straight from the car to my bedroom where it is nice and dark! Ask me how I am going to do this when they have outgrown the pumpkin seats .. maybe I will have an answer by then! HAHA!
Anyway, since the babies are doing so well, I have had plenty of quiet time that allows me to work on my crafts. The other day my MDF Advent Calendar came in the mail so I quickly found some Christmas paper (from my stash and of course a welcomed trip to JoAnns)! Side note .. I knew this would come quickly, so I prepared and made sure I had everything I needed to complete the project BEFORE G Baby started coming. I am not ABOUT to take the babies shopping yet. We are good to get to the bus stop!
Well, with my free time, I completed my calendar and I just started yesterday! I used mod podge (my new favorite friend) and lined the outside and the little boxes with fun papers. Then, I used my SIZZIX machine and made numbers 1-24 and slipped them through my handy Xyron Sticker Maker (thank goodness I used to scrapbook and never got around to selling some of the better stuff)! I used some fun Christmas stickers that I got years ago to decorate the center and then Mod Podged over the top of everything and WALLAH! I am so excited and pleased with the outcome!! I really need to learn to take pictures as I go, but when covered in Mod Podge ... its kinda hard. So, for the "before" picture, I grabbed that off of the internet. This is what the calendar looked like after I assembled the pieces.

And this is what it looked like after I got to play with all my scrapbooking toys AGAIN! YAY!

I must note. I had no idea what MDF was. It looked like thin wood. NOPE! It is a fancy word for some kind of cardboard type stuff. Don't get me wrong, it is nice quality and good for what I did. But, kind of wish it had been a little more durable for longevity purposes. But, it will do for now! I love how it turned out!

As far as the diet goes. Things are pretty good. I am doing better than I thought with my 1200 calories. It actually ends up to be more than that because with every time I work out, I earn extra calories to eat which are usually spent on a fruit smoothie in the evening after the kids are in bed.
Lunch is by far my hardest time of day. Breakfast is easy ... I make a Lean Protein shake with some powder I got from GNC ... I love it. It is called Total Lean and I use the swiss chocolate. I also mix in some peanut butter and part of a banana and it ends up AMAZING! Lunch, however, I am ready for food. I did find some really good healthy frozen lunches that aren't bad. They are about 290 calories and I have some diet cherry coke zero (my new favorite drink) so I don't feel so abnormal. Then by dinner, I am so happy with how my day has gone, I eat pretty sensibly. Sunday night and Tuesday night Kaelyn and I ran a mile in addition to my morning beat-down by Jillian.
Tomorrow, however, might be different. I am going to be on a strict 1200 calories because I don't think I will be working out. I might do some strength training or yoga maybe. I nursed Kynslee for the last time last night and am pretty sore today. The jumping jacks and jump rope portion were incredibly killer so by tomorrow, I can't imagine them being any better. Hopefully the babies will sleep long enough so I can fit SOMETHING in! We shall see.
OH - Also, I finished another crate cover for Kynslee's toys. Head over to my post from the other day to see the updated blog with pictures of the new one!

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