Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Knocking them out ... 2 at a time!

So, this week has been pretty productive when it comes to my crafts and my organizing. I actually finished two things that I have wanted to do for a while now!

I recently finished a book that I absolutely LOVED! It was by Sarah Horn .. who is AWESOME .. and her book is "My so-called life as a Proverbs 31 wife". Of course it is based on chapter 31 of Proverbs which I am also studying with friends in our Bible Study group. Anyway, the book has taught me some things about being a wife and a mother. I know I will never be a perfect wife, but I guess it just motivated me to change my attitude in how I go about things.

I love Mike with my whole heart. He is my best friend. As cheesy and dorky as it sounds ... it is true. Mike still makes my heart skip a beat when he walks in a room. I fall in love with him more and more as time goes on. Wow, totally off subject. Anyway, he works really hard at everything he does and truly inspires me to be better. I love so many things about him ... and figured I should tell him some of them ... well, at least 52 of them :) I have seen this project on pinterest of a deck of cards and on each card it tells one reason why one person loves another. So, I made one for Mike. Here are a few pictures.

All of the reasons for loving him are real ... some of the pictures I found were to add some laughs. Then, on the ones that I didn't find a picture for, I added some of my favorite pictures of us! Such a fun project, and it has reaped great rewards (which was totally not the point, but an added bonus).

The next thing I did this week was organize our pantry. I have tried many times to get some organization to the chaos that is our food, but I think I am finally on to something. I bought a few organizing containers, some labels and off I went to empty the pantry. I wanted to organize it by days of the week ... and then each day would have the makings for that evenings meal. But, as I started putting things in the containers, I was realizing that plan didn't work out so well. The first night of the week was ROAST ... and in that container, all I had was a packet of onion soup mix and another packet of Italian seasoning ... since all the rest of the items were in the fridge ... not really a wise use of the space that the container took up.  So, then I started looking at the items and realized a better way would be to organize by food type so when I go to make my shopping list ... I can quickly see what we need as far as pasta, mixes, sauces .. etc. Worked out pretty well. I am pleased. The kids aren't too thrilled, esp poor Jordyn who can't quite read yet, but was looking for the container labeled with a word starting with B since BROWNIES starts with B ... little did she know it was right in front of her nose at her level ... only they were labeled under S for SNACKS ... (ohhhh, IDEA! maybe I should add a picture for her)! Here is a picture BEFORE ...

Here is a picture afterwards! YAY!

Now, I am off to snuggle my sweet Kynslee who is feeling horrible. She has a raspy little cry and is a bit congested in the nose. She is so sad with a pink little nose and rosy cheeks ... but she still tries to smile. Hoping she feels better soon!

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