Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another Pinteresting Day

Ever since I was a little kid I have always loved drawing with chalk. I love writing my name in bubble letters, drawing stick people and playing hangman. Even when my own girls were old enough to hold a big piece of chalk, drawing on the driveway was a fun way to spend an afternoon in the sun. 
But now I am feeling devoid of such a simple pleasure. When we had the concrete poured at our new house, we went with the textured concrete for a non-slip driveway, sidewalk and back patio. Great idea for when its wet and raining ... not so good when you want to draw with chalk. What a depressing realization.
Enter ------> Chalkboard paint! This stuff is AMAZING! You really can turn nearly ANY surface into a chalk board. Coffee table looking scratched  extra loved? Sand it down a bit, spray paint it with some chalkboard paint and you have a great drawing area for the kids. Big empty wall space in your laundry room? Outline a big square and make yourself an ongoing list where anyone can add ANYTHING they might need from the store so you see it as you walk out the door! There are endless ideas for what you can do with something so simple. Don't believe me? Check out Pinterest. That is where I found MY use for this astounding product!

The only things I needed were empty glass bottles, chalk board spray paint and a piece of chalk. And this is what came out of it :

It is our last name -- one letter on each bottle. But, our last name has 7 letters and I only had 6 bottles. So, I am waiting on one last bottle to empty! I love how they turned out. If only I had better artistic skills! But, its erasable ... so I can change it WHENEVER! YAY! I also only had a piece of white chalk, so maybe when I finish the 7th bottle, I will erase the rest and use some color! 

That's all for now. I love quick projects to do between my lengthy ones. They make me feel like I am still accomplishing something! Plus, those cabinet tops have been bare since we moved in ... 2 YEARS ago!

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