Monday, January 2, 2012

Fabric Alphabet -- Pinterest Challenge #1 ... January 2nd, 2012

These fabric letters are one of the first projects that I saw on Pinterest. 

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I loved them and knew right away that I had to make some for Kynslee. Turns out, Jordyn loves them NOW at 5! She loves spelling everyone's names and seeing how fast she can put the whole alphabet in order. Great idea!
So, I started by finding a font that I liked. I chose Berlin Sans FB Demi and blew it up to 450 pt font. Then I printed them and cut them all out.

Next came the fabric. My favorite part! I found a prepackaged set of these pink and black puppies and bones. LOVE LOVE LOVED it ... then went back to get more when I decided to make lower case and numbers. Of course they were out. So were 2 OTHER Jo-Anns that I tried. 

 So, I decided to go with cats for the lower case.

 I then cut out all the blocks of fabric and I used cotton batting between two pieces of fabric. Layered it all together, pinned it and then started up the sewing machine. 

The next picture shows the awesome fabric I found for the numbers. ALSO, it shows how I used a different fabric for the back of the letters and numbers. The black and white paw prints are on the back, that way, for an early learner ... they can tell if their letter is backwards or not. Upside down .. you are out of luck :)

Once the letters were all pinned, I sewed around the piece of paper as an outline. I could've just used the paper as a template and drawn around it to sew right along the pencil drawing ... but I am all about saving time. Just make sure not to sew over your paper. Here are the first 3 of each set front and then back.


These next pics are just showing the fun way to use the letters to spell names. Like I mentioned above, Jordyn loves spelling everyone's names. The only one we have a problem with is Kynslee since I only made one of each letter. But, we improvised and concocted an E out of other letters.


 This picture is just a close up of the back of the A. Also shows how after I sewed the outline of each letter, I then took my pinking sheers and cut the letter out of the fabric. I LOVE the look of the pinking sheers. So fun.

So, there you have it! Easy! If you decide to make some of your own after seeing my post ... please show me! I would love to see your finished projects!!


  1. Wow! My kids would just love this. Thanks for sharing, I have added them to my ever growing projecct to do list :-P

    Amy x

  2. So cute... I've been wanting to make something like this for awhile. Great job!

    And thanks for linking up to the!


  3. @ Amy and Rebecca - Thanks for visiting my blog! I had such a great time making these, I am actually making another set for my niece who is about to turn three! I can't wait to post pictures .. so stay tuned :)