Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun times at the Rec Center

We are very lucky to have a membership to a pretty awesome Rec Center here in town. They have a great outdoor pool (where we had Kaelyn's 9th Birthday Party) and a pretty cool indoor pool (where we had Jordyn's 4th birthday party). They have a great gym and a child care center that my girls love going to. I even went to YOGA last week!!

In June, I gave birth by c-section to our youngest, Kynslee. A week to the day later, Mike decides (while out for our first grocery shopping trip) to stop in the rec center and start us up a membership. Not the greatest idea considering I was only 7 days post-op and we couldn't go together until the new baby was 6 weeks old ... and I wasn't to start working out until 12 weeks post-op. Mike wanted to get a jump start on that membership.

Well, fast-forward 6 weeks and I was feeling great so we head to the gym for our first post-baby workout. BIG FAIL because I had read the membership forms wrong, and the Baby K couldn't go into child care until she was SIX MONTHS! Whoops! Well, Mike sat with her in the waiting area and I used a cross-trainer for a bit before we headed home.

The membership didn't go totally to waste for the next 6 months because we live in Missouri, and it was HOTTTTT this summer! Too HOTTTTT to take a new baby out in the sun. So, I was able to take the girls swimming all summer and stay out of the hot hot sun. Well, maybe I only took them a few times. Ok, maybe Mommy Brains have settled in and I really only took them one time. SHAME ON ME! Give me a little slack here, I am getting used to being a mom of THREE KIDS! Here are some fun pics from that day!
(Beans was only three and a half weeks old here)

(silly silly Kaelyn and Jordyn)

(J was so happy to not need water wings in this part of the pool!)

So, anyway, the child care facilities let me bring Baby Kynslee once she was 5 months and I started going a few times a week on and off. I have been doing great going at least 3 times a week and my goal is to make it to 5 times, but  ... baby steps. We did get to go tonight as a family and it was fun. We took the girls swimming for about an hour and then got them dried off and sent them off to the Child Care area while we burned off some unbelievable Carmelitas (<------ click on link, make these. seriously. you will thank me.) that I made. Here are some fun pics from today!

 (love her eyelashes!)
 (splashin' in the lazy river)
 (Big K going down the awesome slide that goes from inside to outside and back in)
 (Baby K trying to escape from her carseat)
(Baby K's cheeks and her amazingly long eyelashes. they get them from their daddy)

So, that's about it. It was fun getting out of the house ... especially with TWO snow days last week, Thurs/Fri and then a holiday today! What did you do for fun today??

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  1. What adorable children you have. :-) Thank you for dropping by my site and leaving encouraging words. :-)
    Have a blessed weekend.
    ~Imelda @ Cum Auxilio Ab Alto