Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Today there have been a lot of numbers running through my head. Really good, Good, Bad, Ugly. So, I feel the need to share them with you all!

This is the list of Bad numbers

70 - how much Big K's school wants for her 4th grade field trip. really? I just gave you $100 for lunch money this month, $10 for another field trip, $15 for your Christmas store and another who knows how much for book orders. Oh well, all I can do is thank the Good Lord that we only have one in school right now.

47 - that's how many socks I pulled out of the "unmatched" sock drawer in my room. Don't rub your eyes or adjust your computer. You are seeing it right. 47! Like the missing ones are just going to REAPPEAR after years of being lost (i am not a hoarder, i am not a hoarder, i am not a hoarder)

 have YOU seen their twin?

15 (ish) - how many times I had to tell J to NOT lick something. At 5, you would think it is pretty standard knowledge that you just don't lick things. But today, I told her don't lick: "your toe, the wall, the floor, the table, the dog, ME, YOUR SISTER, my cup, the pen - really STOP LICKING YOUR SISTER". Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday and she has preschool for a few hours in the A.M. and I have Yoga ... boy do I need it.
 sweet right?

61.84 - that's how much it cost to put gas in my car! I know, I know - I really shouldn't wait until the car dings at me and TELLS ME I need gas. And, with a 20 gallon tank ... it hurts when that happens. Hopefully Mike is not reading this tonight and will see when he checks the bank account in the morning (as he does every morning when he gets to work). And thankfully he gets to work at 4:30 and will probably forget by the time I wake up. 

6004 - mileage on my car. that I got September 19th. with only 35 miles on it. WHOOPS! - Maybe I should re-strategize this whole "stay at home mom" thing. Maybe I really should JUST STAY AT HOME!

This is the list of Good numbers

34 - that's how many followers I have on GFC! I am so excited! This may not seem like a lot, but I haven't been faithful at blogging until just recently. So, I am THRILLED!

4 - that is how many B's that Big K took from B's first quarter to A's second quarter! I am so proud of her. She is just awesome!

 love her smile! :)

37 - how many days it is until I go to Chicago with my AWESOME FRIEND Leslie! We are going to have so much fun. and NO KIDS! Mike gets them for the whole weekend. (along with good comes bad, because 2 weeks later he is going to Vegas for a weekend and leaving me with the kids). But I will take what I get!

11 - 11 weeks and 1 day until Mike and I go to CANCUN for SEVEN DAYS! So, So, So excited.

10 - This is how many POUNDS I have lost since I started going to the gym in November. Not a large number by any means ... but HUGE for me :)

2 - the number of teeth my sweet Baby K has. And they are the cutest darn teeth you will see! Promise!
 told you they were cute!

Hope your day was filled with GOOD NUMBERS!

:) Mandi :)


  1. I absolutely loved this post! It was so creative and cute! Thank you for visiting my Blog and awarding me. It means a lot :)

  2. great minds think alike..this was my post title on Tuesday!!

  3. Glad to hear it's not just my kid that I have to tell not to lick things! LOL. Can't believe they want that much for a field trip. Wow.