Saturday, January 7, 2012

I guess I am not alone, afterall!

I just recently started blogging. In my attempt to broaden my knowledge of the blogging world, I have been searching and reading other blogs -- seeing what they are up to, what they write about and what they fill their days with.

I have noticed a few things. A lot of the women whose blogs I have read, are also stay at home moms. I understand that by being a stay-at-home-mom it means that my days are spent with the kids. That is my full intention. That is why I am here. But, a lot of the moms I have read about, spend their entire days entertaining their kids! Constantly doing activity after activity with them. Me ... not so much. I DO understand that a lot of the entertaining they are doing ... is teaching the kids to grow and learn. I have absolutely NOTHING against what these Moms are doing ... by any means. I am in awe of the activities that they come up with and the lessons being learned. But, when it comes to my girls, my way of teaching is different. If I am cooking - they are helping mix, stir, or set the table. If I am cleaning - they get a wipe or dust cloth. If I am doing laundry - they are helping fold and put away (and this is where I LEARN to let the clothes be folded ... or unfolded ... as long as there was help, an attempt and they are put away).

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't just throw them in a room by themselves and tell them to stay away.  They are never far from me. But I have never been one to get on the floor and play with them all day.    I don't plan my day for them either. I plan my day for what needs to get done, and they adjust. It's a part of life. I have cooking, laundry, cleaning and errands to run. I am here to raise them and teach them independence.  I am supposed to teach them how to adapt to changes and different situations and be a functioning part of society. My kids are by no means perfect at all times. But, they are well behaved. We do love going outside and playing in the yard, going to the park, going to the zoo. But, they also love to play independently and know how to entertain themselves. They always have. Even Little K will play on the floor for a good hour rolling from toy to toy chewing and talking and laughing to herself. I love playing with each of them, especially since they are at such different stages (9, 5, and 6mo). But, it isn't my entire life! But, after reading some of these blogs, I felt like maybe I was being selfish for wanting to do stuff for ME ... work on my crafts, drag them around shopping all day or just sit and hang out with my husband. Then .. I read another blog.

 A post from another blog of a mom that TOTALLY feels the way I do. Here is a quote from her post "I think as stay at home moms we are way too obsessed with "keeping the kids entertained" these days.  When I was growing up we pretty much entertained ourselves with toys and imagination.  When my kids were young I felt like my responsibility was to provide a safe environment for them to live in, and good "old fashioned" toys for them to explore.  I honestly believe that this teaches them how to deal with "boredom" and self reliance as it were. ....I wish moms of today would relax and realize that simply "being" and outwardly loving our kids is still being a good mom". 

I guess what I am really saying is "Thanks Chris" ... Thank you for making me feel normal again! 



  1. Hey, we were just talking about this! Your post made me feel better for not grilling C 24/7 on his colors and shapes and animals and numbers and omg how in the world do those moms not go insane?!?

  2. I am so glad to hear I could help someone too! Like I mentioned in the post, I think what they are doing is great. But, by the time I am done cleaning and cooking and laundry and errands ... there isn't really a TON of time! Our afternoons are quiet ... but if they aren't, then our evening would be crazy! I guess I shouldn't be too worried, Kaelyn turned out great and she is a happy, loving 9 year old. And, Jordyn seems well balanced as well! I love seeing things they use on the blogs for a random rainy day or maybe during the summer when its too hot outside to play. I just wouldn't be able to keep up with something like that daily!

  3. Hi - your blog is so cute - I am amazed by your projects! Just wanted to let you know that I'm giving you the "Liebster Award" - it's an award recognizing great blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Please visit for more details. (I know this might sound fake, but it's real - mom-blogger's promise!) I, too, am a SAHM, and I started my blog in August--it's one of the best things I've done for myself (and my sanity!). Can't wait to see more of your great projects (esp the non-sewing ones, as I can't sew :). Take care.

  4. Thank you Erin! Too funny - Mom-Blogger's-Promise! Thank you so much for such a cool award! I am excited to pass mine on to 5 great bloggers :) Blogging really has helped my sanity over the last week. A true outlet of the millions of thoughts going through my head! Follow my blog and I will post a special non-sewing project just for you! :) Happy Blogging! :)