Monday, January 9, 2012

No Sewing Involved

Today I am linking up from Debbiedoo's Newbie Party!

This post was promised for Erin @ Savlaged Whimsy! I still haven't finished any new crafts to show off, but it doesn't mean I haven't stayed busy! I have been doing a lot of networking for the blog and trying to learn my way around the blogosphere. I have been working little by little on my latest project but saw some really fun things on Pinterest, one of which I couldn't resist.

In the pin, the creator had strung some Christmas lights under a lofted bed and made a cool hang-out for their kiddos. Well, conveniently, Big K took the lower bunk into her room and J kept the upper bunk in her and Little K's room. Keeping the lofted bed allowed her to have more floor space since she was losing some to the crib.

Anyway, I loved this idea and just had to steal it. You can view the original pin here: Southern Disposition! (check out her blog, she is actually making a really cool pillow mattress, but what I created was the place she PUT the mat.

All I needed was Christmas lights which I conveniently found yesterday at Wal-Mart in the Christmas Clearance! Total cost: $4.

This is their new hangout with the bedroom lights ON:

And this is when the lights go OUT:

I don't know what they were talking about ... but it was funny! I love when they just sit and chat, their conversations are so random!

Thank goodness for the $300 Papasan chair that we bought to go in the family room that NO ONE would sit on ... the cushion makes a great "hang-out" mat :)


  1. I love the lights! Thanks for stopping by my blog - and if you figure out all the html stuff let me know! :) I just paid someone else to make my other blogs pretty --- I need to update my new one!

    Live a FabuLESS life

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Im now following you too. I love the lights! How fun to have girls in the house, I only have 1 daughter at home now..we are clinging to the girlie we are extremely outnumbered by 6 boys. :)

  3. Hihi! It's me again, just wanna say thanks for dropping by A Happy Mum and leaving that sweet comment. It's great to learn about you and your 3 girls and from your last post, it seems like you really have a wonderful hubby and a lovely home. May we stay in touch and looking forward to more craft posts from you!