Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quiet On The Homefront

So, nothing much has happened since "The Destroyer" was sunk. (refer to previous Battleship post if confused) J was the only one really hit with the bug and I am not really convinced it was the flu after all. She did throw up through the night, but the next morning slept and slept and by early evening she was back in Jordyn mode. I, however, was left exhausted.

No one else caught it. At least yet. I got a nauseous a few times and took a few extra naps  might have closed my eyes a few times. I think the thought of having my entire family sick, and Mike leaving me here sick and taking care of little humans ... made me sick. Mike won't call in for anything. It could be 6 inches of snow, whiteout conditions, him have bronchitis AND no sleep ... and that man will still drag himself in to work. He is my hero. Me, I get a tiny sniffle and I am ready to pull the covers over, close the shades and sleep it off. Call me in sick to work ... oh wait, I CAN'T call in sick. My little humans reFUSE to give me a day off.

Anyway, enough rambling on and on about non-sense. I decided instead of sitting around waiting and hiding from the flu ... we were going to take back the house. Mike worked a 12 today (his normal shift) so I got the girls off their butts and we picked up the house. We dusted, washed dishes (oh don't get me started on why my dishwasher doesn't work and how we bought a brand new house with brand new appliances so we wouldn't have to deal with anything broken ... at least for a few years. doesn't this house know we can't fix ANYTHING?) .... oh whoops, where was I ... Oh yeah. So, we dusted, washed dishes, vacuumed, cleaned out the fridge, emptied trash cans ... wait, where were all the bathroom trash cans?!?! We couldn't find them. I told the girls to empty them and they weren't in the bathroom. Oh yeah, they were strategically placed throughout the house with plastic Wal-Mart bags in them ... just in case someone couldn't make it to the bathroom in time to throw up. Didn't need an incident all over a couch or carpet again.
That's another thing. Our furniture that we spent extra on the protection plan. Another thing to not get me started on. Well, I am started. I called the company. I told the lady what happened the night before (since they were closed right after J got sick). Here is our conversation.

(Her)"Well did you wipe it up?!?! We need to see pictures of the damage."

Really? You are going to ask me if I wiped it up? Of course not. I have 3 children and a dog. I went ahead and left it all on the couch awaiting further instruction.

(what I really said) Yes, we cleaned it all up. It was really bad. 

(her) Did you take pictures first?

Our 5 year old daughter is continuously throwing up all over and shaking scared, the dog is trying to jump in the mess, the baby is freaked out because we are flipping out, Mike is covered, I am standing in shock at it all and the first thing we think of is ... "Honey, grab the camera, this is a photo op!"

(me) silence -- no words can form for this conversation right now. I just wanted to ask her if she was a mother. I don't care what damage has been done to my couches. I don't care what else is going on. When my baby (even though she is 5 and will tell you quite frankly she is a BIG KID) when my baby is crying scared because she can't catch her breath because she can't stop heaving ... I am NOT going to be taking pictures. I am going to be comforting her. I am going to be figuring out what to do next to make HER feel better.

(her) Ma'am? Are you there?

(me) Yes. And no, I didn't take pictures.

(her) Well, go ahead and take pictures of everything now and email them in. We will let you know in 7-10 days what to do. And, I am a mom. My baby has never gotten the flu. We are just healthy like that.

(me) Will do. thanks.

(what I really wanted to say was:) Why thank you for pointing out that great fact that you are healthy and we are not. Just wait until it hits your family. Let's see how many pictures YOU are taking in that moment.

Now, I understand protocol for her job. I can understand why they need pictures of the damage. I totally get that. But there has to be another way.

I just had to get that off my chest. Now, I can breathe easy because my Mother-In-Law so graciously dropped off her carpet/upholstery steamer. Luckily, because of the quick actions of my SuperHero Mike ... he got the covers off all the cushions and nothing got through to the core. The covers are washed and sitting in bags (as per instructions from the warranty dept). We are waiting our 7-10 days and see what to do next.

And in the mean time, keeping those trash cans near by, just in case.


  1. Firstly... soooo not a laughing matter - I totally freak out when one of the kids hurls cos Sean goes all white and weak kneed and leaves me to deal with it while he has a "lie down". But secondly your post is just hilarious.....
    I hope everyone is still doing ok, Take care. Nat

    1. Thanks! Looks like everyone has moved past this for now. Mike used to start dry heaving when the kids would get sick ... but he was a champ this time!

  2. Thank you for stopping by & following. I'm returning the favor. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, we just moved so things are a little crazy. Love the blog and looking forward to reading your posts. Have a great week!