Friday, January 27, 2012

Schizophrenic Crafter

So, I originally started this blog to write about my weight loss journey and crafts. Well, it has turned into a blog about the girls and my marriage more than anything. But, that is how life works. We set out to do one thing, and end up doing another thing. Get on one path and find ourselves finishing at the end of a completely different path. Or is that just me?

 I really do have a disorder when it comes to crafts. Take for example 2 weeks ago, I headed to my Aunt and Uncle's for a night away with the girls. My girls really enjoy going to their house to play with games and awesome toys from the 80s (remember the original little people? and waffle blocks? and tinker toys!) and watch old "Ramona" videos. You know, the ones that were on PBS - NOT staring Selena Gomez. (although I think she is awesome too) I think they have worn out the VHS copies and they ALWAYS get to peek at home videos from when I was a little sassy thing running around with my even littler cousin. That always gives a good chuckle. Anyway, the kids are entertained by my Aunt and Uncle and my Cousin K and I usually get to escape the crazy house for a bit.

This time we headed to a really fun knit shop: Knit One, Weave Too. We walk in this old town shop and it is stuffed with yarn. It was AMAZING. (please note that I have a really hard time walking by anything with texture and not touching it. Just ask my husband. In any home store, I must touch every towel, rub every blanket and squeeze every pillow that we pass). So, you can only imagine me in a knitting store stuffed with YARNS of all different textures! I went in looking for a particular yarn to make some slipper socks. Something that I could wear OVER my socks since I can not seem to keep my feet warm since I had Kynslee. I would pick up a skein and find it simply irresistible and instantly have a new project in mind. Then, I would remember what I was there for and put it back. Only to find another 2 skeins that I MUST HAVE ... not sure why, but they feel so soft, and the colors, oh my. After about 45 minutes of touching and picking up and having 10 different projects running through my mind, I end up with some really soft thin yarn that goes from pink to yellow and back to pink. I also pick up a crochet hook because it looks really cool. Also, I bought some stitch holders for knitting (not sure what project I need those for, I am sure I will find one).

After we leave the knit shop (not by choice, they were closing), we realized I still did NOT have the yarn for my slipper socks. So, we head to Michaels. Same scenario plays out in this store. I must have picked out yarn for 10 different projects before settling on 2 different brown yarns to make Kynslee some knitted baby UGGS. I decide that I will make my slipper socks out of some yarn at home. Oh, well. This happens quite often. I really should stay out of craft stores and use up the stash of things that I have at home.

Anyway, 2 weeks later, I finally finished my slipper socks that I set out to make. And, no, I have NOT used that ball of yarn I bought from the knit store, and I have NOT used the yarns that I bought at Michaels. I did, however, find some cool yarn at Wal-Mart (while grocery shopping of course) and used that for the slipper socks.

And, I used the crochet hook to make a cute headband for Kynslee out of some yarn I already had.

Cost of the yarn and stitch holders I bought at the knitting store that have gone unused: $11.99
Cost of the gas to get to the store over 20 minutes from my cousins house: $3.29/gallon
Cost of 30 minutes in a store full of yarn to feel and squish and let my crafting imagination run wild: Priceless! ( and I would do it again, and probably will ... again, and again!)

So, do any of you fellow crafters find yourself doing the same thing? On a mission to purchase items for one project and come home with supplies to make 3 more different projects? Or is this just me?!?! :)


  1. Yes! I have the same I print out multiple coupons for Love the headband! Slippers are pretty cute too :)

    1. Yes, it was much nicer when you only got one Michaels coupon a week ... no printing or having them sent to your phone (that's how I get JO-Anns) what you got in the paper was it ... :)Thanks for the nice comments on the crafts. I am hoping to do more soon.

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog. Looking forward to future visits to your site.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and visiting! And thank you for the follow!

  4. Love the headband! Very sweet! The slippers look comfy too. Yes it happens to me a lot, and I simply love to shop in craft stores but like you, I end up buying tonnes of things that I didn't plan on. But then again, the beauty of craft is that you can always keep them and one day, you will just find the creativity you need and put them to good use. Never wasted! =) Keep it up girl!

    P/S: I'm giving away a pair of crocheted Vday bears on my blog, in case you might be keen. Cheers!