Monday, January 9, 2012

Gettin' my Blog Hop on

Trying out my first blog hop. Please stick with me as I learn all the "blogging tricks". This whole blogging thing has really got me wishing I had stuck with my first degree that I obtained ... web development. Considering I haven't touched HTML in almost 9 years ... I would hate to see what my website would look like! Probably a bunch of random </ signs and #99923 color codes that resemble the colors I find in Little K's diapers. (too much?) I told you I was new to blogging!

 Maybe I should start re-learning what I paid big bucks to be taught many many years ago. What I think I am going to do is close my eyes, make a wish, and hope it all comes back to me like riding a bike. Does that happen? Or is that why it is called ... "wishful thinking"? 

The easiest way to start would be to pull out all my books from college ...  And my husband thinks that being a pack rat is a BAD thing! I am sure I could get the basics down. Or maybe a "building a website for dummies" book would work. Pretty sad if I can sum up my years and $$$$$$ at college in one single book that I could buy for $30 ... cheaper from Amazon I am sure. 

Remember above, I said the FIRST degree that I obtained. I have started a nice collection. I have always told my husband I paid big bucks to meet him (we met in college my first time around) since I never actually used my knowledge of web design for a career. Well, that's not true, HE is still paying off my student loans (his were paid off before he graduated) ... which might be why my college education has left a bitter taste in his mouth. I certainly can't ask to go back for a 'refresher course'. So, maybe I can be a closet student. 

Oh well, back to class. Thanks for visiting and if you follow me, I will be sure to follow you back! I love seeing new ideas.


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    I am working on my third degree! This one is web design but I am not entirely happy with the school or classes at the moment.

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