Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to Pinterest!

So, when I first joined Pinterest I told myself that I would attempt the things that I pin. That was an easy goal until my boards suddenly grew and my pinning went out of control. But, I am sticking to my original plan ... it just might take me longer than expected! HA! Well anyway, this is the first thing I ever pinned! I actually completed it and it is proudly my first started AND finished project of 2012! AND it is only January 3rd! I am so proud :)

I originally found this hat:

And here is my finished product:

Proudly worn by its new owner ... Kaelyn! I love the yarn. I used Sensations Angel Hair yarn that I found at Jo-Anns. I wish I had made it a bit taller ... but I am really happy with the turn out! Of course, New Years Day the yarn was BOGO half at Jo-Anns so bought 4 more (just in case they quit selling it for whatever reason ... because that ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME!) in different colors! So, hopefully before winter is over, Jordyn and Kynslee might have matching ones.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think!! :)


  1. That hat looks awesome on K. Who is that chunky baby in the background?

  2. Yours turned out awesome - I love it! :) I really need to learn to knit.