Monday, January 2, 2012

WOAH! Back-blogged for sure!

So, I can NOT believe I haven't written anything since NOVEMBER 15th! Unbelievable. Well, unfortunately, it isn't THAT unbelievable. Actually, if you know me, its pretty darn believable. There is my new resolution ... stick with it. Although, in my defense, starting a blog shortly before the busiest holiday season of the year is probably NOT the smartest idea. But hey, I never claimed to be a genius.
I do, however, feel compelled to add that just because I haven't blogged ... doesn't mean I haven't finished anything. Actually, I finished more in the last few weeks than I had ALL YEAR! Now THAT is impressive. So, without further ado ... here are my completed projects!!

I will start with the e-reader cases. My parents bought their 3 oldest grandchildren an e-reader for Christmas. So, I thought that that cases would be a fun quick project. And they were! Each was made with heavy duty stabilizer on the inside and batting for a little cushion since the grandkids are 9, 9, and 10 (almost 11). Each one was made with the same 3 color fabrics, but the colors were flip flopped where they were used. They close with velcrow and for a fun decorative touch, I hot glued a sunflower button on the front. I love how they turned out and the 2 girls that have gotten them so far seem to like them! Success!

This one is a hat I knitted for Kynslee. I used the super-loop method and two AWESOME types of yarn that I actually bought from the knitting store!! It would've cost less to BUY her a hat from the store ... but where would the fun be in that! I wish I had saved the packaging from the yarn so I could say exactly what I used ... but that would've been organized and I am still working on that. I love how this hat turned out. 

(thank you to my Cousin Krista for actually TAKING A PICTURE of Kynslee in her hat! I need to get better at this!)

Next are the DIY Canvases. I looked all over Pinterest and kept finding these DIY Canvas tutorials. So, I put them all together, picked and chose which steps I preferred and this is what I came up with. I am so excited by the outcome. Of course, I am lucky enough to have an awesome professional photographer for a sister ... so 99% of the credit should go to her!

 I went a little "Canvas Crazy" and printed off a few of my favorite 8x10s of the girls to fill in the wall. The bottom left picture of Jordyn was also taken by my sister Teresa when we were in Florida last Thanksgiving. The other four 8x10s were taken by YOURS TRULY! I know, I am awesome! Haha.

The next project was another I found on Pinterest (Darn I love that site)! I saw quite a few tutorials for fabric letters for kids. I love the idea that they can have a basket full of letters to spell and learn their alphabet with. Plus ... in fun fabrics ... wahoo! I found some really cute animal prints and paw prints that I just couldn't resist. So, after a few trips to different Jo-Anns, I finally found enough combinations to complete my project. Thank goodness I live in a big town with 2 Jo-Ann's within 15 minutes ...  Anyway, here is the finished product. Of course, the alphabets go from A-Z and the numbers go from 0-9 but for picture purposes, 3 of each shows the idea.

Another project completed was putting names on some really huge stockings that I got for my niece and nephew in Florida. When my first niece was born ... almost 11 years ago (tomorrow! actually) we went down to Florida for Christmas with my sister and her husband in hopes of her being born during our stay. Well, she was almost a week overdue so we extended our trip until January 3rd when I think my sister's due date had been the 27th. Anyway, to keep myself busy during the "waiting" period ... I bought a felt stocking kit to make her first stocking. Little did I know that the stocking would end up to be bigger than she was ... way bigger ... like, we STUCK HER INSIDE of it when my sister brought her home from the hospital. My sister has since had 2 more children and each year ... I want to make them matching stockings to level out the mantel. But, that first stocking took a LOT of work and dedication ... and with now more nieces and nephews and kids of my own ... the time just isn't there. But, while Christmas shopping with my middle sister we came across some HUGE Stockings and with a little decorative fringe ... YAY! Josh and Allie FINALLY have their OWN huge stockings. I am sure my sister is excited to have THREE giant stockings to fill!!


And, just for nostalgic purposes -- my Sister-In-Law and I stuck Kynslee in the stocking! haha :)

On to the next group of projects. Every year on Christmas Eve, before church, the girls get to open one gift. And, every year, it is new Christmas jammies. Sometimes I make them. Sometimes I buy them. This year, I made the pants and bought them each a shirt at Kohls. I LOVE how the pants turned out!! 

I love my sewing machine and the stitches it can do. So, I put these stars around the bottom of Kynslee's and they kind of look like snowflakes.

The final craft I made was a stocking for my youngest, Kynslee. Since this is her first Christmas, she really could care less if she had a matching stocking, but with only 2 days left until Christmas, Mommy Guilt set in and out came a stocking for Kynslee. I am not happy at how light her name is, you really can't see it well in the photo ... but I did what I could with the fabric I had with me ... (the girls and I had headed out of town 5 days before Christmas).

So, that is all for December! WHEW! On to January! I am almost finished with a hat I started for Kaelyn. And I have multiple projects waiting ... but  I am not so sure I will be QUITE as busy as last month. It was fun though ... and the end result is always rewarding!

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