Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Crafter!

I have decided to follow up yesterday's grumpy post with a happy one! So, ENJOY!

I have always loved blankets. Not only blankets, but quilts as well. Especially quilts. There is something unbelievably special about a quilt. Not the store bought ones, although they will keep you warm ... they are just different. There is nothing like curling up with a quilt that was given to you by someone you love. Knowing that they thought of you with every stitch. As a quilter (I will call myself one for now because yes, I have finished a few quilts of my own!) .. I know how many thoughts that adds up to!

This is Kaelyn's Cross-stitched quilt

Noah's ark fabric that I fell in love with and just had to have on the back!

I even used rainbow colors for the border to make it look like the rainbow God sent after the flood!

With my two older girls, I made them an easier blanket that went together fairly quickly and then quilted those with really big stitches (Jordyn's is still being quilted, but it is together ... Kaelyn's was finished before she was born). I also cross-stitched a quilt topper and backed it and quilted those as well. Kaelyn's I started when I was pregnant with her, but did not finish it until she was 6. I procrastinated a teensy bit on that one. Jordyn's I started and finished all the cross-stitching AND all of the quilting before I had her. So, yes, hers was done before Kaelyn's. In my defense, I was working full time and going to school when I was pregnant with Kaelyn and worked up until she was almost 3! Then, by the time she was a little over three and I was pregnant with Jordyn and couldn't wait to get started on a new one. But, either way, they are both finished now and I am so happy with the products (many, many pictures to follow). 

 This is Jordyn's cross-stitched quilt. I love looking at this one because I worked on it while Mike was at Boot Camp for the Air Force. It reminds me of how much I missed him and how happy I am that he doesn't have to leave us for long periods of time anymore.

This is the stars and moon fabric that I found for the back. It matched PERFECTLY!

Then, along comes Kynslee! I actually started working on her blanket AND her cross-stitched quilt before she was born. Her blanket was cut out and machine quilted (quilt-as-you-go) before she was born, I just had to sew the pieces together. I finished it a few weeks after she was born. So, that wasn't too bad. Especially considering that she was 3 weeks early! So, in my opinion, I finished it right on time. The cross-stitched blanket I chose is a bit harder. With the two older girls I found a "quilt topper" that is just the top material stamped with your cross-stitch pattern. With Kynslee, the one I wanted to do for her, was the pre-quilted kit that I really do not care for. The fabric seems stiff and scratchy and it is already backed with boring white. With my older girls, I found fabric that went along perfectly with the theme of the cross-stitching on the front, and I wanted the same for Kynslee's. 

Here is the stock photo of Kynslee's cross-stitched quilt.

This is the fabric I chose for the backing.

It is hard to see, but this is the sparkly fabric I found for the front!

My mom had mentioned that her friends have felt the same way and purchased nicer fabric. Then they used a light box to trace the X's from the pre-quilted to the fabric of their choice. I picked out a really cool princess kit and then found some sparkly white fabric that looks perfect for a princess. Then, while I was pregnant, spent days upon days drawing these X's. You really don't realize how many there are until you are drawing each one. Anyway, task complete and now it is time to start the stitchin'!

Here is a picture of all the x's I transfered.

The rest of the pictures are of the blankets that I made for each daughter. I am so pleased with each one of them!

This is Kynslee's Kitty rag quilt. It is machine quilted as you go. And, MASSIVE! 

She was a little over a month and a half in this picture!

This is Kaelyn's. Feels like ages ago when I made this. Almost 10 years!!

This is the back. I also made a matching bear. I should find him!

And, this is Jordyn's. I used different textures of fabrics for this one. It turned out great. The picture doesn't do the colors justice. I really need to take a better one. But this is good for now! This one is all backed and pinned together. I even have a line quilted. It won't take long once I get to it. I just have so much other stuff to work on. Like, blogging! :)

I absolutely love the buggy fabric on the back. I bought that before I even had a project in mind. I saw it and loved it and bought 4 yards ... just so I would have it! And I found a perfect use for it!

So, anyway, those are it for now. Thank goodness I am only having 3 kids! I can only imagine how my Mom feels! She made quilts for each of us growing up. She also made one for each of us when we graduated college and another on our wedding day. Just when she thought she could make some for herself, we gave her 9 grandkids! (hey, come on, we spread them out over 11 years). Her quilts are awesome - I will have to collect those and make a post dedicated to her awesome work ... she is the reason I am so crafty! ( My husband blames her, I thank her! ) Such an awesome talent to have. Off I go to work on my awesomeness.

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  1. Wow, what an awesome collection of quilts and how great that you can make these gifts for your kids! Great job there! =) Keep it up!